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Moonlight Tours Expedition was founded by Fredrick Saturun, who was born and grew up at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, he shifted from the Kilimanjaro region to Arusha seeking a high level of education and a new mode of life as soon as he arrived in Arusha region the smells of nature touched and hooked his heart from the magnificent and fantastic landscapes, wildlife, culture, whether and the breath take from the crescent snow coved Kilimanjaro. With a passionate and captivating spirit Fredrick and his team aim to share the magic of Tanzania and Africa entirely with the rest of the world; its flora and fauna especially, and seek to share and instill this within everyone who treks or travels with his company. Likewise, the Young man Fredrick with his staff aim to dedicate their lives to supporting disabled people, wildlife, orphans, and local people in different aspect

Our desire is sharing all this & more with you

As a company, we aim to provide the best customer service in the countries so that your experience is one to remember. We are also extremely socially conscious and endeavor to help communities and protect wildlife. We are known for our attention to detail and value-for-money services. Our reputation is based on professionalism and going that extra mile for all our customers.

Together !!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give

Started as a local company

based in Arusha - Tanzania, Pole Pole {Slowly} as most climbers say when Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro now has grown and recently Moonlight Tours Expedition offers you a chance to explore the entire Africa. Our priority is our clients and we aim to ensure that every client gets the trip they pay for. We want to share the magic of our countries with the rest of the world.

Africa Destinations

Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Egypt, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Namibia & Botswana. These are the ones of the most beautiful countries in the world, and have so much to offer in terms of culture, scenery, wildlife, vegetation, aquatic life, beaches, islands, and more.


We provide Mid-range, Semi luxury, Luxury, and ultra-luxury Safaris in Africa, trekking services on Mt. Kilimanjaro and Other mountains across our covering destination, beach vacations on the islands of Zanzibar, Madagascar, Dian, Mombasa, Mozambique, and others, plus many special interest tours and outings. We have decades of experience leading travelers to the world’s most popular destinations from eastern Africa to the world.

Moonlight Tours Expedition Guaranteed Departure

We offer guaranteed departure, small group guided safari tours, and private, and custom guided tours. We have crafted an attractive collection of carefully planned itineraries, featuring lodges and camps that meet our stringent requirements for comfort, luxury, value, and natural setting. The reputation of the entire Moonlight Tours Expedition staff depends on the quality of these destinations, and we take great care in making our selections and reviewing them frequently.

Guaranteed Departure Group Tours

Our guaranteed departure programs range from one to 30 days. We are careful to balance many clients' desire to "see everything" with the logistics of travel between parks. We have been doing this long enough to know how much road travel is enjoyable and how much spoils the adventure.

Private Tours

Private, custom tours of two or more travelers depart daily, which affords travelers the greatest flexibility and intimacy. Clients may choose from our expertly crafted itineraries or they may craft their own (with your own expert guidance). We are especially proud to be able to offer this level of customized, hands-on tour guide service, at very reasonable rates. It perfectly reflects our beliefs about personal client care.

Moonlight Tours Expedition Mount Trekking Services

Moonlight Tours Expedition has led more than 20,000 climbers to the summit of Kilimanjaro, with a success rate of 96 percent. We are serious about climber success, safety, and comfort. Just as importantly, we are deeply committed to the safety and well-being of the guides, porters, and cooks with whom we live and work.

Spice Islands and Beach Vacations

We offer short Zanzibar, Mombasa, Dian, and Mozambique beach resort stays and cultural tours as add-ons to dusty safari itineraries. We also offer lengthier itineraries for those travelers seeking to dive deeper into the mysteries of Zanzibar's past and present.

Moonlight Tours Expedition Special Tours

In addition to our popular safari itineraries, we also arrange several special interest tours and outings. These include the Chimpanzee Trail in Mahale National Park; Game Fishing in the waters surrounding Mafia Island, south of Dar es Salaam; and Luxury Safaris in Africa.

Our Professional Guides and Staff

A lot of advance planning and preparation go into a successful safari - many moving parts are set into motion through the efforts of many skilled people - but the key cog is the safari guide. It is a rare person who has the ability to combine the skills of the naturalist, the mechanic, the driver, the anthropologist, the teacher, and the hotel concierge. Yet all of that is precisely what our experienced guides have delivered to thousands of safari travelers over the years. Cheerfully.

On average, our guides have more than 5 years of experience leading safari travelers. Our most experienced guides train our newer guides. All are certified and receive ongoing training and education. All understand what it means to be a member of the Moonlight Tours Expedition and the exceptional attention with which they must attend to our client's expectations.

Moonlight Tours Expedition Vehicles and Infrastructure

While the skill and knowledge of a safari guide is the most important component of client satisfaction, the comfort and reliability of the safari vehicle is also critical.

Moonlight Tours Expedition has devoted considerable resources to developing our custom 4x4 Land Cruiser safari vehicles. Of course, every traveler gets a window. Every guest is outfitted with binoculars and all the other standard safari practices that Moonlight Tours Expedition has been at the forefront of for nearly 5 years. We continue to refine and upgrade our vehicle design and amenities for client comfort and for a deeper connection to the landscape that draws them here.

We ensure the safety and reliability of our vehicles with a rigorous maintenance schedule that includes a 52-point inspection before and after every tour. This work is carried out in our own fully equipped garage by our own qualified and experienced mechanics.