From: $319 to $2000 pp/da

Best Time to Go

From: June to September (Dry season)

High Season

From: June to September (Gorilla permits are scarce)


From: 26,338km² / 10,169mi²

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Rwanda - Tour Highlights and Travel Tips

Kigali, the capital, is a good place to relax before or after a tour in Rwanda

Rwanda is a landlocked Central African country that prides itself on endless hills, jungles, and bamboo forests. Also known as the “Land of a Thousand Hills”, this charming country is an ideal destination for eco-tourism. Tourists come here to track gorillas and other types of apes in national parks. However, you will also find Kigali, the capital city, and Lake Kivu desirable places for a visit when a trip to Rwanda. Finally, Rwanda managed to emerge from its dark past and today, it is one of the safest African countries.

Tour Highlights

  • Spend some time in Kigali, enjoy its relaxed vibe, and take a walk along impeccably clean streets. Pay respects to the 1994 victims at the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre.
  • Come to Rwanda in July to attend the celebrated Rwanda Film Festival throughout the country.
  • Take a tour of Volcanoes National Park to see protected mountain gorillas. At lower altitudes of the park, you can observe golden monkeys.
  • Discover Nyungwe, a large rainforest inhabited by rare birds, orchids, and monkey species. Take a 50-meter high swaying walking path to experience marvelous views and increase your chances of seeing birds and apes.
  • Visit Akagera National Park and see lions, leopards, giraffes, and hippos among other wildlife.
  • Go to Butare (Huye) and examine the outstanding ethnographic collection in the National Museum.
  • Unwind on Lake Kivu’s beaches and hills overgrown with pine and eucalyptus trees.

Travel Tips

  • Residents of Rwanda are very hospitable and forthcoming toward tourists. More so, they will impress you with their friendliness.
  • While Rwanda is a safe country, watch out for overcharging and petty thefts.
  • To withdraw money, you can use ATMs in banks in major towns. Rwanda is a cash-oriented society and credit cards aren’t widely accepted. Some hotels and safari providers accept USD.
  • Internet access is available in most cities, but it tends to be slow and unreliable at times.
  • You should manage well on a Rwanda tour with English and French.
  • Visit a doctor before you go to Rwanda to get medical advice.