12 Days Rwanda – Gorilla Trekking, Tanzania – Serengeti Migration & Zanzibar Holiday

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Embark on an extraordinary journey through East Africa, where the finest lodges and breathtaking landscapes converge to create an unforgettable itinerary. Your adventure begins at the renowned Virunga Lodge, nestled in the heart of Rwanda's misty hills. Over three nights, you'll be treated to the captivating spectacle of gorillas in …
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Embark on an extraordinary journey through East Africa, where the finest lodges and breathtaking landscapes converge to create an unforgettable itinerary. Your adventure begins at the renowned Virunga Lodge, nestled in the heart of Rwanda's misty hills. Over three nights, you'll be treated to the captivating spectacle of gorillas in their natural habitat, sharing intimate moments with these majestic creatures. The lodge itself exudes rustic charm, providing a warm haven where luxury seamlessly melds with the untouched wilderness.

Your journey continues to The Retreat by Heaven for a single night of indulgence. This haven of serenity offers a chance to unwind and rejuvenate, the perfect interlude between your encounters with wildlife.

Next, your expedition takes you to the iconic Serengeti National Park, where Sayari Camp awaits for three nights of adventure. As the African sun paints the savannah with hues of gold, you'll embark on exhilarating game drives, guided by Maasai trackers who unravel the stories of the wild. With the Serengeti as your backdrop, each day offers a tapestry of sights and sounds that deepen your connection to the untamed heart of Africa.

Your journey culminates on the pristine shores of Zanzibar, where Zawadi Hotel beckons for four nights of barefoot luxury. Perched on a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean, this idyllic retreat offers relaxation and excitement. From private infinity pools to vibrant coral reefs, you'll bask in the embrace of the island's beauty. Whether you're exploring the underwater world, immersing yourself in local culture, or savoring exquisite cuisine, Zawadi Hotel promises a finale that's as awe-inspiring as the journey itself.


  • Unforgettable gorilla & golden monkey encounters
  • An exceptional wildlife & beach combination
  • A luxury East African journey
  • Big 5 game viewing in the famed Serengeti National Park
  • Oceanfront bliss at the ‘Spice Island’, Zanzibar

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Itinerary (Day by Day)

  • Days 1 - 3: Gorillas in the Mist | 3 Nights - VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK, RWANDA
  • On arrival at Kigali International Airport, you will be met and transferred to Virunga Lodge. Virunga Lodge stands as a sanctuary of tranquility and once-in-a-lifetime encounters. From the moment you arrive, the air becomes charged with anticipation, as the distant sounds of rustling leaves and echoing calls of wildlife whisper the promise of something truly extraordinary. As the sun sets over the misty hills, the lodge's warm, rustic charm embraces you, offering a haven where luxury and nature harmoniously converge.

    Awakening to the soft melodies of songbirds, you will embark on an unforgettable journey into the mystical world of gorillas. Led by expert guides, you traverse the emerald forests of Volcanoes National Park, each step a heartbeat closer to a heart-pounding encounter. Suddenly, there they are the mighty mountain gorillas, gentle giants of the wild, lounging amidst the foliage. Eyes meet, and time stands still as a profound connection bridges the gap between species. The deep, contemplative gazes of these intelligent creatures mirror your own sense of wonder.

    Yet, the primates' symphony doesn't end here. As you wander the lodge's lush surroundings, mischievous monkeys swing from branches overhead, curiously observing their human visitors. Their playful antics bring infectious laughter and a sense of pure joy, reminding you of the interconnectedness of all life on this planet. At Virunga Lodge, nature's spectacle unfolds with a tender intimacy.

    Volcanoes Virunga Lodge

    Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

  • Day 4: An Indulgent Respite | 1 Night - KIGALI, RWANDA
  • You will be transferred from Virunga Lodge to the Retreat by Heaven. You’ll spend one night in this luxurious and eco-friendly boutique hotel, a short respite from the wildlife encounters. You can practice your sun salutation, be pampered at the spa, or head to the gym for a workout. The hotel features solar electricity, organic toiletries, and locally-crafted furniture from a Tanzanian sustainable teak farm – your travel spending matters and helps to uplift the local community.

    The Retreat

    Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

  • Days 5 - 7: A Safari Heavy-Hitter | 3 Nights - SERENGETI, TANZANIA
  • After a last breakfast in Rwanda, you will transferred back to Kigali International Airport. You will then be charter flown to Kogatende Airstrip and begin your Serengeti National Park safari. The untamed spirit of Africa comes alive in the intimate embrace of Sayari Camp. Amidst the sprawling savannah, this haven of wonderment invites you to weave your dreams into the fabric of the wilderness. As the sun dips below the horizon, casting a warm, golden glow across the grasslands, the camp emerges as a sanctuary of comfort and luxury that echoes the very essence of the Serengeti.

    At Sayari Camp, the rhythm of life beats to the pulse of the land, and each moment is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the raw splendor of nature. Awaken to the harmonious chorus of birds welcoming the dawn, their melodies interweaving with the rustling of leaves in the gentle breeze. Step onto your private veranda, where the sprawling plains stretch before you like a living canvas, painted with the footprints of elephants and the graceful dance of gazelles.

    Venture on exhilarating game drives, guided by expert Maasai trackers, as they unveil the stories of the wilderness etched in the tracks and calls of its inhabitants. And as the sun sets in a blaze of color, casting its glow on the endless horizon, retreat to the camp's elegant comforts, where the mysteries of the day find solace in the flickering light of a campfire under the starlit African sky. Sayari Camp is more than a destination; it's an embodiment of the Serengeti's soul, a place where the echo of hooves and the roar of lions lull you to sleep.

    Sayari Camp

    Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

  • Days 8 - 11: Beach Bliss | 4 Nights - ZANZIBAR
  • You will be transferred back to Kogatende Airstrip for a flight to Abeid Amani Karume International Airport. A private vehicle will be waiting for you to take you to your final destination. Indulge in the epitome of barefoot luxury and oceanfront bliss at Zawadi Hotel – one of the best luxury hotels in Zanzibar. Zawadi Hotel, perched atop a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean, invites you to immerse yourself in a symphony of relaxation and adventure.

    At Zawadi Hotel, the world is yours to explore at your own pace. Sink into the embrace of your private infinity pool, where the sun-kissed waters mirror the expanse of the ocean before you. As the tide recedes, venture onto the beach to discover vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life, inviting you to snorkel or dive into a realm of kaleidoscopic wonder.

    In the warm embrace of the island sun, you can also partake in thrilling water sports, from kayaking along the coast to setting sail on a traditional dhow cruise. As the day turns to night, succumb to the spell of Zanzibar's enchanting culture with a visit to a local village or a spice plantation, where fragrant aromas and vibrant colors awaken your senses.

    Zawadi Hotel

    Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

  • Day 12: Farewell Africa!
  • After a journey that leaves you with cherished memories, you will be transferred to Abeid Amani International Airport for your onward travel arrangements - taking a piece of Africa home with you in your heart.

    None / On Request

    Breakfast & Lunch

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  • Game activities in the Serengeti
  • Gorilla trekking permit (for one day)
  • Golden monkey permit (for one day)


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