From: $126 to $662 pp/day

Best Time to Go

From: August to November (Less rainfall)

High Season

From: July, August and December (Many parks get busy)


From: 587,041km² / 226,658mi²

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Madagascar - Travel Highlights and Travel Tips

The Antsiranana Bay is a beautiful body of water more than 50 metres deep

A famous island, situated within the Indian Ocean, a trip to Madagascar will make you come close to lush natural landscapes, diverse animal life, and a rich cultural heritage. Although it is estimated that the majority (above 90%) of Madagascar's forests have been eradicated, travelers can still take excursions through the forests that remain and maybe even spot the famous ring-tailed lemur! Check out these lush forests if you are planning a holiday to Madagascar, and you may find out the inspiration behind the animated movie. 

Travel Highlights

  • Go kayaking and fishing. Travelers can schedule kayaking tours led by guides. This is a popular way to see a good portion of Madagascar. Also, it is a great place for deep-sea fishing. Get away from the crowded beaches and go after some King Mackerel!
  • Plan a wildlife excursion. What better way to get a taste of the wildlife home to Madagascar? Although some of the roads have been for too long unattended, you may get a chance to spot a lemur, an animal endemic to Madagascar.
  • See the Baobab trees. This grove of mystical Baobab trees are sometimes over 800 years old, and beyond worthy of being caught on camera.

Travel Tips

  • For a good meal on a budget, check out some of the local marketplaces. A simple yet satisfying dish of chicken and rice with a vegetable side can be purchased for cheap.
  • Check out some local and informative podcasts. It's always surprising how much can be learned by tuning into a local’s podcast. This is a great way to get the inside scoop on the country you're visiting.
  • Be conscious of how you dress and be careful not to ‘flaunt’ your possessions.
  • Another way of not standing out is to pay for things with smaller bills. Doing so when you're out to eat or buying some souvenirs is a good way to not display exuberant wealth.