From: $190 to $1300 pp/day

Best Time to Go

From: June to October (All parks)

High Season

From: July to October (Etosha gets crowded)


From: 825,615km² / 318,772mi²

Namibia Safari Deatails

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Namibia - Tour Highlights and Travel Tips

Holidays to Namibia an ideal for adventure seekers. It combines attractive countryside and great animal-watching activities. This interesting country prides itself on several national parks inhabited by rich wildlife, magnificent landscapes of the Namib Desert, and the largest canyon in Africa. A trip to Namibia also offers splendid vistas and exciting hiking opportunities. In addition, Namibia’s capital of Windhoek combines European architecture (a legacy of German colonial rule) and the charm of Africa.

Travel Highlights

  • Take a safari to Etosha National Park to lay eyes on the diverse wildlife of this amazing country. There, you will see elephants, zebras, lions, and other animals that gather around waterholes in great numbers.
  • Visit the Namib Desert to experience ever-shifting sand dunes. Don’t miss Dead Vlei, a photogenic area with black trees surrounded by high dunes.
  • To get acquainted with elephants, lions, and black rhinos adapted to the desert conditions, head to Damaraland. Also, visit the Damara Living Museum to learn about the region’s traditional culture.
  • Stop by the coastal area of Walvis Bay in November to observe migrations of whales.
  • Discover some of the finest examples of African prehistoric art on the guided tour through Namibia’s highest mountain of Brandberg.
  • In the south, visit the Fish River Canyon. The southern hemisphere’s largest canyon abounds with impressive cliffs. Zebras, klipspringer antelopes, and black eagles inhabit the area.

Travel Tips

  • Since public transport is inconsistent, rent a car to explore the Namibian countryside efficiently.
  • Banks in Namibia offer more favorable money exchange rates than exchange offices. Besides the Namibia Dollar, you can use the South African Rand. ATMs are available in major banks and their subsidiaries.
  • Internet access is scarce and expensive (around 4 USD per hour). You should find internet cafes in tourist-oriented towns.
  • Take basic precautions in towns to avoid scams.
  • If you travel to northern regions of the country or in summer, take preventive anti-malaria therapy.
  • English is the official language in Namibia. German is also widely in use.
  • Same-sex display of affection is illegal in Namibia. 

Namibia has seasonal weather so please check up on the best time to visit Namibia before planning your tour. If you’re still hunting for more things to do and places to explore in Namibia, do check out our Namibia Travel Guide for more information.