Namibia Desert

Known as “The Living Desert”, the dunes of the Namibia abound with desert-adapted beetles, spiders, lizards, gerbils, golden moles and other creatures, all leaving their telltale tracks in the fine sand.

The plains and dry watercourses of the Namib Desert are home to oryx, springbok, Burchell’s zebra, kudu, ostrich and giraffe. Predators include leopard, spotted hyena, black-backed jackal, Cape and bat-eared foxes, termite-eating aardwolf and African wildcat. More than 114 bird species can be seen in the desert skies. Accommodation in the Namib Desert is plentiful with exceptional lodges offering luxury accommodation and many adventures that will showcase the best of the area.

Why Visit?

  • Africa’s biggest private nature reserve extending over 180000 hectares/acres
  • Africa’s first International Dark Sky Reserve, offering spectacular southern hemisphere night skies; Situated on the edge of the Namib Sand Sea, the biggest dune field south of the Sahara
  • Variety of dune types
  • Magnificent open spaces
  • The tranquillity of the desert
  • March to October offers cloudless skies and clear light for photography and stargazing
  • Specially adapted desert wildlife – oryx, springbok, Burchell’s zebra and the endemic Hartmann’ts mountain zebra bat eared foxes, as well as a variety of insects and lizards


Summer (October – April)
Min 20°C/68°F Max 40°C/104°F

Winter (May – September)
Min 0°C/32°F Max 23°C/73°F

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