#1 our supplier default insurance

The accommodation, transport and activity suppliers that we recommend meet strict quality controls but should any supplier become insolvent and fail to provide the accommodation, transport or activity we booked for you, our supplier default insurance protects the money you paid for that service. This financial protection does not extend to any aspect of your safari that you didn’t book through us. This is one of the important advantages of working with independent experts, like us. View our handy infographic.

#2 Your travel insurance

Our supplier default insurance is not the same as your travel insurance. You need travel insurance to protect yourself against cancellation fees and curtailment costs should an unexpected event stop you from travelling or cut your vacation short. Automatic travel insurance is offered by most major credit cards but we recommend that you always confirm this with your card issuer. We consider medical emergency travel insurance essential to your peace of mind on safari –something you should never leave home without.

#3 Secure online payments

At Moonlight Tours Expedition we understand that security and safety are of paramount importance to you. Along with the usual card networks (Visa, MasterCard, American Express etc.), you are also being offered alternative payments like local bank transfers, digital wallets & Cash etc.

#4 The Hotel prices In Our Pakages

The prices in our packages reflects the ‘rack rate’ which is the official hotel or game lodge price if you book direct. These are their standard prices and do not reflect any seasonal or last minute specials. However all of these specials are captured in our proposals and quotations. However we are not naïve – this is a very competitive world at the moment. Hotels want to fill their beds and cover their costs. So as a tour operator we've chosen the hotel according to the budget in all of our tour packages.

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