About us

At Moonlight Tours Expedition we believe the unique travel experiences the continent has to offer speak for themselves. We won’t bamboozle you with hyperbole. We’ll give you honest opinions – and then look forward to planning the adventure of a lifetime for you.

We are as passionate about Africa as when we first started travelling here and using our experience and first-hand knowledge of Africa – with all of her quirks and nuances – we promise a wonderful trip-planning process and offer.

About us

Planning your safari holiday in Africa is hugely exciting. There are so many bucket-list experiences to choose from; natural wonders to see; gorgeous tented camps and lodges to stay at; and alluring landscapes to soak in – from mountains to beaches, rainforests to deserts.
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About us

Intimateness and Working Knowledgement

  • We have intimate knowledge of and superb long-term relationships with our partners, private guides and exclusive connections across 13 countries in Africa
  • Industry leaders in promoting emerging & re-emerging destinations such as Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda
  • Over 70% of our business is repeat clients or referred by existing clients, which we believe emphasises the personal quality of the service we provide
About us

Spectacular focus!

  • You will be working exclusively with the owners of Moonlight Tours Expedition from start to finish
  • Fredrick and His Team are the most knowledgeable and passionate experts of safari Africa in the world with over 20 years of combined experiences on the continent
  • Being a small owner run company we take immense pride and genuine interest in making sure we get to know our clients before making any trip suggestions
  • A deep understanding of clients allows us to make sure you travel to the rights places to suit you to guarantee a trip of a lifetime
About us

Perfect Desgning Tour

  • Trips are designed to benefit all involved - you the guest, the hosts, local communities and the environment
  • Unmatched personal 24/7 service pre, during and post travel
  • Full financial protection
  • A percentage of each trip will support charities such as Street Child
  • We offer private face to face, phone or skype trip consultations to our clients across the world
  • 100% bespoke and authentic experiences

Top Tips On Booking Your African Safari

We’ve been planning safaris since 2016. We thrive on matching the right locations, lodges and activities to our clients’ wish-lists, making their African safari dreams come true and their vacation unforgettable for all the right reasons.


Know When You Want to Go

In Africa, timing is everything. Most of the continent’s best safari experiences depend entirely on naturally occurring factors, like seasonal rainfall. This means that having preferred travel dates will make a big difference to your itinerary – you don’t want to be in the Serengeti when the millions of wildebeest are already mowing down fresh grass in the Masai Mara!


Know Where You Want to Go

Start with having a specific goal for your safari. Maybe you’ve dreamt of seeing gorillas since you were a child, or witnessing Victoria Falls in full flood, or seeing all the Big 5 in the wild. What animals or experiences are at the heart of your dream safari? The answer will more than likely help determine your ideal destination.Ask our experties: Where is the best place to see the animal you mostly want?


Have a Budget Estimate

An African safari is not an inexpensive holiday. Even though there is a wide range of available itineraries and travel styles, there are a lot of logistics involved in going on safari in Africa. It’s also worth keeping in mind that safari lodges must deliver excellent service, food and accommodation in very remote destinations – and that costs much more than delivering the same standard of comfort in a big city.